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Stylish, high quality fine jewelry doesn't have to break the bank. Our direct manufacturing process means you can say goodbye to pesky markups.

The Traditional Jewelry Store

The traditional jewelry store purchases their inventory from wholesale jewelers, who in turn acquire their product from other manufacturers and designers. This bloated business model adds significant markup at every level of the chain. And because of the heavy costs of maintaining a physical storefront, most jewelry stores add a 2-3x markup to the wholesale cost of their products for sale.

Pratiksha Jewelry

We directly source our materials and manufacture pieces ourselves, meaning we can tightly control quality while keeping our costs low. As an ecommerce brand, there's also no costly upkeep of a brick-and-mortar storefront. Because of this, our jewelry is often 1/3 to 1/2 of the price of retail stores for comparable style and quality.

Real World Savings

We don't want you to just take our word for it, so we hit the internet and the streets to find real comparisons for our popular classics. The results? Our products are offered at significant savings when compared to big box retailers, online retailers, and even self-proclaimed "no markups" and "direct manufacturer" retailers.

The Diamond Band

Our popular Dakota Diamond Stackable Ring is a half-eternity style band with bright 4-prong settings. We found a nearly identical style on a new ecommerce website proclaiming "au revoir" to markups.

Theirs Ours
Diamonds 16 G-H SI 16 G-H SI
Carat Weight 0.16 0.16
Metal 14K Rose 14K Rose
Cost $450 $325


The Diamond Stud

Same price. more to love. At nearly identical color and clarity—ours are slightly better—and in the same 14K martini-style settings, our Carlisle Round Diamond Studs are the same price as smaller studs from a leading online retailer.

Theirs Ours
Diamonds H SI2 H SI1
Carat Weight 0.62 0.75
Metal 14K White 14K White
Cost $1,270 $1,275


The Illusion Stud

Where our price difference really shows is in our more elaborate designs, like our Dakota Illusion Diamond Earring. Created with a larger center diamond and ten smaller outer diamonds, the pair resemble a 1.5 carat tw. look with only 0.52 carats. We found a similar style from a leading designer at more than double our price.

Theirs Ours
Diamonds 22 G-H SI 22 G-H SI
Carat Weight 0.50 0.52
Metal 14K White 14K White
Cost $2,310 $1,100