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Our Dallas

Pratiksha Jewelry offers luxury fine jewelry at wholesale prices. Never overspend on jewelry again.



Celebrate your love with custom designs created just for you, from simple classics to elaborate settings and poignant details.

Celebrating love, in all its forms.

The engagement ring and weddings bands are an intimate tradition in the journey of love... and modern marriage is all about making your own traditions. We seek to craft fine tokens of your love in unique ways that speaks to its everlasting strength and rarity, from matching engagement rings and bands to custom-made sets for every couple.

Matching Rings

Choose matching wedding bands or engagement rings for a classic, timeless style.


Themes with a Twist

Sets with shared details are popular choices for couples who want a cohesive look while still expressing their individual taste. Try sets in a matching metal and finish with differing band widths, accent stones, or center settings. Simple motifs like filigree or engraving can unify sets with different metals or stylings.


Split a Wedding Set

Sharing a wedding set, with one person wearing the engagement ring and the other wearing the band, is an easy way to create a pair of rings with a unified design.


Rainbow Pride

The powerful symbol of the movement for acceptance and freedom is a popular choice for wedding and non-wedding jewelry. We use high quality rainbow sapphires to create jewelry that celebrates the struggles, sacrifices, and triumphs of the LGBT community.


View Inspiration by Style

Engagement Rings

Dainty solitaires to elaborate antique and colorstone designs to inspire your hunt for “The One.”

Men’s Bands

Not just the classic, sleek bands here: consider diamond and colorstone embellishments for a modern look.

Women’s Bands

Thinner, subtler bands, diamond embellishments, and wide statement rings remain our most popular requests.

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