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Welcome to Pratiksha Jewelry

Welcome to Pratiksha Jewelry

Welcome to our inaugural blog post!  I am so excited to have you visit our site and discover beautiful pieces of jewelry that will complement your lifestyle perfectly. Come back and visit us often for the latest on jewelry trends, tips on how to make your merchandise last, and general ruminations on things we love.

In an overly saturated industry, the most frequent question I get is, “Why start a jewelry company?”  Well, it’s simple.  I worked in a conservative industry for many years, but I love – no, crave – color.  And the more time I spent in the professional world, the more I wanted to express myself through my outfit – including accessories. But the typical luxury brands were so cost-prohibitive that it broke the bank. And while the fun costume jewelry was great, it would never last beyond a few months. I wanted both. I wanted fashion AND quality. And thus, Pratiksha Jewelry was born!

We at Pratiksha Jewelry believe that you work hard for your money, and that you deserve to have nice things. So why buy jewelry that will turn your skin green or fall apart after a few uses? Graduate from the dress-up box and build a collection that you will be proud to flaunt for years to come. From boardrooms to dining rooms, from the opening bell to happy hour – Pratiksha Jewelry will keep you looking fresh and sophisticated while you seamlessly transition throughout your day.

If you have you any questions about the Pratiksha Jewelry experience or you just want to say hi, drop us a line at  We’d love to hear from you!

 Stay fabulous, ladies.

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Tisha Vaidya, Contributor
I'm a sucker for hot sauce, dimples, and fat babies. Oh, and I have a massive sock collection, even though I don't like wearing socks.
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