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#DontPanic: Tips for finding her the perfect Valentine's gift

#DontPanic: Tips for finding her the perfect Valentine's gift

It’s that time of year again where you want to make her feel special, but you’re not sure what, exactly, will make her eyes light up. Shopping can be daunting and disappointing, especially if your goal is to surprise her with a piece you think she’ll love. There’s a special kind of heartbreak for the piece that goes into her jewelry box and never comes back out again. To combat that, we’ve come up with a few tips and recommendations to make this year’s gift your best yet.

Tips for your girlfriend

Keep it simple

You want this gift to wow her, especially if it’s your first major gift to her. But going with big extravagant pieces the first time might be setting yourself up for failure. If you’re not intimately familiar with her jewelry style, you’re best off picking a piece more versatile than, say, a bright statement piece.

Avoid a surprise ring

You’re not ready for that awkward disappointment when she realizes it’s a ring box, but not that kind of ring. Even if you’ve found a killer ring you know she’ll love, at least give her a heads up before gifting. You’ll thank us later.

Pay attention to her day-to-day outfits

It’s easy to pick a piece you think she’ll like, only to have her not wear it. But why? While she may love bright purple and pink, she may not know how to wear a purple and pink pendant with her existing wardrobe. Take notes on the types of outfits she wears and the jewelry she wears with it. Is she the type to wear classic dresses and simple diamond pieces? Or is she a jeans and a t-shirt kind of girl with one or two everyday favorites? Maybe she enjoys wearing trendy street clothes with drapey pendants. Whatever the case, make a note of it and look for pieces that play nice with her look.

 If you’re not sure exactly what her style is, try having her take our style profile quiz. Or, if you’re sneaky, fill it out for her to the best of your knowledge.

When in doubt, just ask

Every romantic partner wants to be able to read her mind and pick the perfect gift as a surprise. More often than not, however, you'll have much better luck simply asking her what she likes or wants. You may find she has particular preferences you may not have thought about, like certain earring shapes and settings that sit the best in her lobes without drooping or pain.

Our recommendations:

Carlisle Round Diamond Studs
It depends on her personal taste, but most women find a simple diamond stud to be extremely versatile and a worthwhile investment for her everyday wardrobe. We suggest a ½ to 1 carat total weight pair of round studs- just make sure she doesn’t already own a pair!
Dakota Diamond Solitaire Slide Pendant
A cute and charming look, this pendant style is widely popular with younger women. We think she’ll love being able to wear it with her work blouses, afternoon date outfits, evening dresses, and everything in between. We suggest the smaller pendant if she’s more petite, and the larger pendant for taller women with longer necks.
Madison Architecture Suspension Necklace
For a more playful, colorful gift, try this stylish suspension necklace. The design features a range of stones and metals, giving you several options to choose from for the perfect gift. (Our most popular combinations have been tourmalated quartz in rose gold and amazonite in yellow gold.)
Madison Minimalist Diamond Suspension Necklace
We love this cutie because it’s sweet, simple, and perfect for layering. It’s a young look and is on trend with minimalist styles- just right for the fashionable woman or low maintenance woman alike.
Annabeth Ocean Blue Pear Shape Apatite Diamond Halo Earrings
If she’s the type that loves pastels and playful looks, we think she’ll love this pair of unconventional studs. In a cheerful airy blue-green with sparkly diamond halos, these drop shaped earrings are easy to wear day or night. They can also be styled with the matching pendant and ring.
Madison Pave Diamond Open Flex Bangle
A great piece to add to her growing stack of bangles and bracelets! This design is uniquely springy thanks to its Italian gold design, making it easy to wear without clunky hinges, chains, or clasps.

Tips for your wife

If she drops a hint, take notes

If your wife has been swooning over a particular style of piece recently, it’s likely she’s already dropped a subtle hint to you about it. She might not be as obvious as “I want this pendant!”—she might show you a picture in a magazine and comment how lovely it is. Maybe she gets drawn into a store window while you’re shopping. Jotting down what she likes on a notepad for later will be a lifesaver when it comes time to give her a gift.

Snoop on her Pinterest boards

A particular tip, sure, but this kind of place is where she discovers what she likes. Even if there’s not necessarily jewelry anywhere to be found, she may pin fashion and editorials that will give you an idea what styles she’s currently following.

Give a follow-up gift

If she recently received a jewelry gift she enjoys wearing, consider getting her a gift to coordinate with it: say, a sapphire pendant to match her earrings or a tennis bracelet to go with her favorite cocktail ring.

Our recommendations:

Moira Diamonds by the Yard
Whether a single necklace or a set of varying lengths, we think she’ll love this versatile piece for day and evening wear. It’s a classic look that younger and older women alike enjoy. As a piece meant to be mixed and layered with her other jewelry, we suggest choosing a gold that coordinates with her favorite pieces.
Carlisle Little Somethings Three Stone Ring
There’s something about this little ring that makes us smile. It has all the elements that make it a classic for any occasion: precious color stones, a chic minimalist three stone design- but is young and fresh with leaf-like marquise diamonds and an unobtrusive silhouette that works nicely for daytime wear and is flattering for petite hands.
Moira Oval Ruby & Diamond Knot Ring
Nothing is quite like ruby for that romantic evening look. With decorative looping knots of diamond around the oval ruby center stone, this ring makes for a refined cocktail ring perfect for special occasions.
Dakota Sideways Pear Shape Illusion Diamond Stackable Ring
Sure to be her new favorite, these stackable rings add an unconventional silhouette to her ring stack. Gift her just one in her favorite metal or make it a set to give her even more options for styling: all three rings nestle perfectly together for a one-ring look.
Carlisle Oval Pave Diamond Inside-Out Hoops
If you want to give her something with plenty of bling, these hoops are the perfect option. Their “inside-out” design means that diamond pave is visible along the outside of the front and inside of the back, giving them a look that sparkles from every angle. At a little over ¾” long, this style is appropriate for daytime and evening wear alike.
Madison Woven Sapphire Ombre Pendant
A youthful statement look in precious color is just right for wowing a younger woman. This fresh “ombre” design features oval sapphires arranged from light to dark in weaving loops of white diamond, giving an overall look she can wear for a variety of occasions.
Alex Billig, Contributor
I am a web developer, musician, and entrepreneur. I was raised in the Hudson Valley. I'm currently living in the Catskills.
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