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Graduation - A Note From Our Founder

Graduation - A Note From Our Founder

As students all over graduate this month, I took this time to reflect on my journey thus far in life. This past weekend would’ve been (thanks COVID) the 5-year reunion of my masters program - without a question the best two years of my 30-something existence. Lifelong friendships, treasured memories, and most importantly - I was on the precipice of my next big step. I was about to launch this company. It’s hard to believe that 5 years has already flown by. I really got to thinking about how I got here. How I got to be so damn lucky to be living my dream every single day. Is it stressful? Absolutely. Some days do I want to quit? Without a doubt. But at the end of the day, I am living my truth, helping women celebrating women and their big (and small) moments in life.

They’re saying this is the next recession since the Great Recession, aka 2009. This was the year I graduated from college (see my cute frizzy-hair picture for reference - thanks Atlanta humidity!). In fact, I think my graduation week marked the “official” bottom of the market. It was absolutely terrifying. I lost three jobs before I even started because each company went bankrupt. I spent 4 years studying an industry that was ultimately responsible for the collapse (real estate) and I literally had nowhere to turn. I had to get creative - and fast. I took on opportunities that weren't part of the "playbook" that we so diligently stuck to during school, and instead tried anything that I thought might keep me interested and occupied, hoping that I'd eventually figure out the rest.

11 years later, I am beyond grateful for all those missteps along the way because it led me to this company and this dream. Maybe I would’ve be a lawyer, or an investment banker (or if my parents had it their way, a doctor/engineer), or any other number of career pursuits I was contemplating at the time. But I thank the universe every single day for making me live through one of the worst years of my life. I had to learn quickly that I couldn’t blame anything or anyone for my shortcomings because there was still so much I had control over to get me to my goal. I was able to refocus myself on what I had to offer the world, what was important to me, and what I had in my power to get there. What it ultimately taught me is that the path to success is anything but linear, and that trust, hard work, and blind optimism are essential.

To all the 2020 graduates, whether you’re graduating from high school, college, a masters program, law school, med school, nursing school, or anything else. You’re at the precipice of something amazing. Just remember to keep going; the path forward may not look like what you originally planned, but you'll get there in your own way. Congratulations on all your hard work <3 <3
Our Co-Founder Rocks

Our Co-Founder Rocks

Our fierce, fiery co-founder is a force to be reckoned with. Pratiksha Vaidya, aka “Tisha,” launched our fine jewelry line with the goal of offering high-quality, beautifully trendy pieces within reach. Growing up as a fourth-generation fine jeweler, Tisha spent her childhood shuffling Ceylon sapphires and learning the ins and outs of jewelry fashion. She took this love of color and design along when she moved up north to spend her college years in New York City and beyond.

After graduating with her Master’s at The Wharton School and working in finance, she often found there was a fine balance between looking elegant but also classy and professional. She sought to create a jewelry collection designed for women who mean business, embody the spirit of fun and fashion, and lower their expectations for no one. We sat down to learn a bit more about the woman behind the jewelry line.

tisha designing jewelry

You launched Pratiksha Jewelry after becoming personally frustrated with your other jewelry falling apart. Do you have any stories about jewelry failing you right before an important moment?

"I used to wear big costume necklaces that were full of color and personality, anything to help balance out the wardrobe of black, navy and gray that I wore while working at a conservative firm. I was pitching a major deal to our Investment Committee, and my necklace suddenly broke and fell onto the table! It clattered and crashed, totally throwing me off my game… so embarrassing! This was one of several incidences that forced me to explore jewelry alternatives, where I wanted to combine my love of color and design with quality craftsmanship that functions in the working world."

What did you hope to change about the fine jewelry business?

"I wanted to change the notion that jewelry has to be gifted and be purchased for you. There’s a rising force in the industry - working women. Empowered women.  We are comfortable being the primary breadwinners of the house, taking on Corporate America, and buying ourselves beautiful accessories like handbags and shoes that are long-term investments for our wardrobe. But for some reason, we have an obstacle when it comes to buying ourselves fine jewelry despite earning that right. I wanted to take back ownership of that purchase."

What was it like growing up around the jewelry business?

"Sparkly! I learned early on to appreciate quality first. I also learned very valuable lessons around work ethic, the value of creating your own destiny, and creativity around precious materials."

amethyst halo ring on hands with henna

What do you love most about designing bridal jewelry with your clients?

"I love hearing about the couple and incorporating personal details of their relationship into the design of the rings. As a small business, we cherish each of our clients and appreciate their support. I feel like I’m invited into their 'inner circle' when I’m asked to design such a special ring for their life milestone."

What do you love most about designing with color stones?

"I love color! My personality is far from muted, so why should my jewelry be any different? I love diamond staples, but I really love the ability to turn precious and semi-precious color stone pieces into “every day” accents. Particularly, I love the color stone trend for engagement rings. Check out some of my favorite PJ Custom bridal ideas below."

black diamond ring and emerald ring

What’s it like co-founding a company with your brother?

"Like any partnership, it takes a lot of work! But there’s no one in the world I trust more. We are polar opposites in terms of our working style, but are identical in our long-term goals and milestones for the company."

What is something you think about anytime you lay out the groundwork for a Pratiksha design?

"My philosophy is that jewelry should be worn and appreciated every day, not adored from afar. Every piece we design is with a living, breathing woman in mind. Where does she work? Dine? Work out? Hang with friends? Go on dates? The balance of beauty with practicality of wear is something we heavily incorporate into the design of every Pratiksha piece."

Welcome to Pratiksha Jewelry

Welcome to Pratiksha Jewelry

Welcome to our inaugural blog post!  I am so excited to have you visit our site and discover beautiful pieces of jewelry that will complement your lifestyle perfectly. Come back and visit us often for the latest on jewelry trends, tips on how to make your merchandise last, and general ruminations on things we love.

In an overly saturated industry, the most frequent question I get is, “Why start a jewelry company?”  Well, it’s simple.  I worked in a conservative industry for many years, but I love – no, crave – color.  And the more time I spent in the professional world, the more I wanted to express myself through my outfit – including accessories. But the typical luxury brands were so cost-prohibitive that it broke the bank. And while the fun costume jewelry was great, it would never last beyond a few months. I wanted both. I wanted fashion AND quality. And thus, Pratiksha Jewelry was born!

We at Pratiksha Jewelry believe that you work hard for your money, and that you deserve to have nice things. So why buy jewelry that will turn your skin green or fall apart after a few uses? Graduate from the dress-up box and build a collection that you will be proud to flaunt for years to come. From boardrooms to dining rooms, from the opening bell to happy hour – Pratiksha Jewelry will keep you looking fresh and sophisticated while you seamlessly transition throughout your day.

If you have you any questions about the Pratiksha Jewelry experience or you just want to say hi, drop us a line at  We’d love to hear from you!

 Stay fabulous, ladies.

tisha signature from pratiksha jewelry