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The Lounge
A Case for Color: Rainbow Jewelry

A Case for Color: Rainbow Jewelry

Our jewelry company was first launched when our founder, Tisha Vaidya, was seeking a way to combine her love of color and fashion with professional apparel. As someone who started her career in New York’s finance world, daily life was a wash of corporate black and white, offering nothing exciting for a woman who grew up around vibrant sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Tisha craved color every day, and knew that thousands of women do too, so she set her sights on making the gemstone world accessible for everyone. 

rainbow jewelry collection

Our Rainbow Collection was launched to commemorate women who live boldly, colorfully, and aren’t afraid to let their true personalities show. Celebrating those who are unashamedly young and fearless at heart, the collection features dainty pieces that play well with diamonds and other color stones. Our favorites include the best-selling rainbow stacking ring, chain bracelet, bar studs and huggies, as well as inventive styles with color gemstone clusters and unique opal doublets. The rainbow collection was also designed to honor the LGBT community, as these beacons represent the hope and change that has affected our laws since our company was founded four years ago.

rainbow opal doublet jewelry

The best part? Over half the collection is under $500, with our best-selling pieces falling within the $120-240 price range. And if you’re curious on how to style these beauties, you’re in luck! PJ’s rainbow goodies have been scooped up by some of our favorite fashion bloggers recently, showing how to style these babies in the wild. Read on to check out the eye candy!

Sasha Zavala Pratiksha Bracelet

Sasha Zavala scooped up our rainbow chain bracelet to match her vibrant style. As one of our newest Dallas style crushes, Sasha dropped by our DFW Jewelry Showroom last month, and we got to know each other a little better. You can read about her visit by checking out her blog post here, where she remarked, “A place where women can go touch, get educated, and experience fine jewelry? Without the HIGH markup prices... Yes, it does exist and is located in Dallas, TX.”

Follow Sasha on Instagram at @SashaZavala and on her blog: for tips on fashion and Dallas living.

Sometime Saturday blog

Angeline Holoub of @Sometime_Saturday treated herself to the rainbow stacking ring and rocks it solo on her index finger. We’ve had so much fun seeing her pair her Pratiksha pieces with gorgeous winter looks.

Check out her Instagram page at @Sometime_Saturday or her fashion blog at to get some style inspiration for your colorful gemstones.

Ready to check out the collection? We thought you’d never ask.

shop rainbow collection

Shop the Rainbow Collection

Sip & Sparkle – Our Showroom Event with Source Craft Cocktails

Sip & Sparkle – Our Showroom Event with Source Craft Cocktails

It was a night of toasts, tastes, talk and tinkling of diamonds, gemstones and pearls. Recently, we invited Source Craft Cocktails of Dallas over to host an intimate crowd of ladies in our brand-new jewelry showroom. The company brought our space to life with elegant handmade cocktails that they cleverly named after strong women who win national prizes, conquer politics, and dominate showbiz.

tisha and attendees at sip and sparkle cocktail and jewelry party

The Cocktail Rundown

Paloma Ferguson

Featuring Desert Door Sotol, this take on the Paloma has fresh squeezed lime, homemade grapefruit shrub, shaken and topped with Topo Chico. Strong as Texas’ first female governor.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

A notorious French 75 variation with fresh lemon, cold pressed grapefruit juice, Hendrick’s Gin shaken and topped with a great summer rose.

Curious Curie

Glenlivet Founders Reserve, a homemade strawberry syrup, fresh squeezed lime juice, Lillet Rose shaken and served up. Worthy of at least one Nobel Prize.

Oprah Winefrey

Homemade raspberry syrup, fresh mint, and sparkling wine. EVERYONE gets a spritz!

Frances Willard Style

Head of the Women’s Temperance Movement, and the name of a special MOCKTAIL.

yellow sapphire cocktail ring and rum cocktail

The cocktails were enormously popular among our guests and provided a most Instagram-worthy, colorful backdrop. Source Craft specializes in close-knit gatherings where they bring EVERYTHING, including glasses, fresh squeezed juices, hand-made syrups, and talented bartenders. Not only do they work their magic to make memories and ensure that no guest leaves thirsty, but they also host educational classes for small groups. We’re thrilled to have a partner in the Dallas area that compliments fine jewelry to a tee.

Our guests? We invited some of our closest pals to sample the goods, all of whom are ladies that move and shake within the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our new collections were at the forefront.

women shopping for jewelry and trying on necklace

The Jewelry Drop

Daily Candy

A collection of semi-precious jewelry set with amethyst, topaz, garnet, citrine, and other colorful gems in stackable rings, layerable necklaces and playful earring designs.

(Not-Your-Mother’s) Pearls

New ideas brought to the table on classic pearl twists, with new rings that feature gradient colored gemstones with a pearl center, baroque pearl drop earrings, and delicate pearl necklaces.

Every Day Diamonds

Every day with diamonds starts a little brighter. You don't need special occasions to pile on the diamond stackable rings, staggered necklaces or classic diamond staples such as tennis bracelets and studs.


Because we like options, the rainbow collections features all our favorite colors combined into beautiful hot stones. They compliment your daily diamonds to perfection.

women shopping for jewelry and modeling necklace

We could not be more grateful to know these brilliant and talented women and that they came out for our official showroom debut. An extra special thanks goes out to Source Craft Cocktails for blowing us away with their classy crafts and bringing together a very special night for our team.

Want to be a part of our next gathering? Follow us on Instagram for new event announcements, collection and product drops, and highlights from our new space!

Joy to the Jewel

Joy to the Jewel

With ancient history rooted in folklore, spiritual influence, medicinal and cultural values, jewels have captures human interest for thousands of years. The perfect application of minerals, time and pressure create these precious treasures of the earth, with nature determining their rarity. Everything else about gemstones is created by human interest, such as their value, fashionability, legacy, cultural importance, and all the fun stories (including how effective they are at warding off bad luck).

In honor of National Jewel Day today, we put together a collection of our top gemstone picks. You'll find these beauties bedazzling many of our top selling styles, as these stones offer high color saturation, hardness, quality and durability for daily wear-and-tear. There's a reason that royal jewels have stood strong through centuries of politics, family dynasties, drama and debacles... they're strong and beautiful, just like the women who wear them.

loose rubies

Birthstone: July
Anniversary Stone: 15th, 80th
Shop Loose Rubies
Shop Ruby Jewelry

For thousands of years, the ruby has been considered one of the most valuable gemstones on Earth. The Sanskrit word for ruby is "ratnaraj," which means something like "king of the gemstones." It has everything a precious stone should have: magnificent color, excellent hardness, outstanding brilliance, and extreme rarity. For a long time, India was regarded as the ruby's classical country of origin. 

Ruby is the red variety of the mineral corundum, one of the hardest minerals on Earth, named from the Sanskrit word "kuruvinda." Only red corundum is entitled to be called ruby, with all other colors being classified as sapphires. The close relationship between the ruby and the sapphire has only been known since the beginning of the 19th century, thanks to modern technology allowing us to study mineral composition. Up to that time, red garnets or spinels were also thought to be rubies, and many famous historical rubies were later discovered to actually be spinels.

color sapphires

Birthstone: September
Anniversary Stone: 5th, 10th, 45th, 70th
Shop Loose Sapphires
Shop Sapphire Jewelry

If there is talk of the sapphire, most gemstone aficionados think immediately of a velvety blue. However, the beloved royal blue is only one of a rainbow of colors in the family of sapphire gems. Composed of corundum, a mineral second only to diamond in hardness, the sapphire is actually defined as any color of the mineral besides red (reserved for ruby). The most valuable are genuine Kashmir stones (pure, intense blue with subtle violet undertone), with Burmese sapphires valued almost as highly; then come the sapphires from Ceylon (Sri Lanka).

Star sapphire varieties feature a star-like phenomenon known as “asterism,” when direct light shows star-like rays throughout the stone. Other rare sapphire colors include orange, green (mostly found in Thailand and Australia) and the most rare and highly prized of all: the Padparadscha sapphire (the enchanting coral stone found in Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring).

loose emeralds

Birthstone: May
Anniversary Stone: 20th, 35th
Shop Loose Emeralds
Shop Emerald Jewelry

The famous green stone has a long and colorful history (one of the oldest of all gemstones) and was the preferred stone of Cleopatra. This variety of beryl can grow to fantastic sizes: the Bahia Emerald, one of the biggest found in the world, is 840 pounds and is worth over $372 million.

Emerald is known for its verdant green coloring, which is its most important characteristic when estimating its value. It is also known for its flaws, which are tolerated more than any other stone as a mark of its character. Most emeralds feature tiny fissures, cracks, and inclusions, and flawless stones are extremely uncommon. Some actually prefer a stone with minute flaws over a flawless one as proof of its authenticity. Oil and resin treatments are common in the industry to improve the appearance of these imperfections.

tanzanites and tanzanite jewelry

Birthstone: December
Anniversary Stone: 8th, 24th
Shop Loose Tanzanites
Shop Tanzanite Jewelry

Tanzanite is a fairly new to the gemstone world. It was discovered in 1967 by Masai tribesman Ali Juuyawatu, who happened upon the glittering stones weathered from the earth and brought the find to ruby prospector Manuel de Souza.

So far the extremely rare stone has only been found in the original region of its discovery, the Mererani Hills in Northern Tanzania. It is a transparent indigo blue stone that resembles sapphire in coloring, brilliance, and luster. Given its pleochroism (change in color depending on orientation to the light), tanzanite can appear bright blue, violet purple, and rarely have a desirable burgundy flash. The stone was officially added as a birthstone for December in 2002 by the American Gem Trade Association, the first stone added since 1912.

Pastel colored tanzanite is far more common than darker-colored stones – about 80% of  mining production is pastel in shade, from soft greyish blues to lilacs. This is partly because the smaller tanzanite stones do not “hold” a deep blue color well, meaning that dark blue tanzanite is typically only available in larger stones over 2.50 carats. Supply of the stone is extremely limited and is expected to run out in the next 25 years. 

shop amethyst

shop garnet

shop topaz

shop aquamarine

March of the Aquas

March of the Aquas

There was a collective gasp heard around the world last spring when the Duchess of Sussex departed for her wedding reception. True, she brought the wow-factor with her dazzling wedding dress and chic reception gown, but all eyes were on the enchanting aquamarine cocktail ring adorning her finger for the black-tie event. The heirloom ring was from Princess Diana, her late mother-in-law, and was a famed piece of jewelry that she had worn many decades ago. The bittersweet moment showed that even though the women would never get to meet, there was a lot of love and pride present for the couples’ big day.

Aquamarine is March’s spring-tastic birthstone, and also serves as the 19th wedding anniversary stone. A member of the beryl family, aquamarines come from the same family as emeralds and morganite. While even the palest blue stone can be breath-taking, aquas range in color spectrum to a dark, denim-like teal. You can see what that might look like in the following examples.

aquamarine rings with diamond

To us, aquamarine serves as a “vacation stone,” immediately conjuring memories of sun-kissed ocean fun, sunny blue skies, and tranquil purity that lets us escape from daily mundane tasks. Our favorite materials to pair with aquamarine are cool white gold settings and crisp white diamonds to show off the aquamarine’s spectrum of blue. We like to think of diamonds as the “wing man” for aquamarines since they enhance the beauty and charm of the stone’s hue. Warm yellow gold is also very flattering, as it helps draw focus to the greener tones found within the stone.

custom aquamarine wedding band and engagement rings

Check out our Aquamarine Showcase Gallery to see more PJ Custom examples

Cheat sheet for buying aquamarines and customizing jewelry:

  1. Aquamarines register as a 7.8 on the Mohs hardness scale, making them a durable choice for any kind of jewelry, including bridal and daily wear.
  2. Most aquamarines are heat-treated, which is a very common process for many different types of precious gemstones to bring out more of the color saturation. Treatment does not compromise the value or integrity of the stone, but aquamarines with more beautiful color quality and saturation command much higher prices.
  3. Aquamarines grow in large crystals, making many high-carat stones available. Since they are beryl crystals, aquas can sometimes have microscopic bubbles or inclusions within the jewel. Though they are not necessarily unattractive, you can ask your jeweler for an “eye-clean” aquamarine to make sure your stone looks crystal clear to the naked eye.

emerald cut aquamarine

3.26ct. Emerald Cut Aquamarine


round aquamarine

2.51ct. Round Aquamarine


oval aquamarine

1.82ct Oval Aquamarine


Fun facts about aquamarines:

Aquamarines derive their name from Latin “aqua marina,” meaning “sea water,” and has thousands of years of history bringing luck to sea voyagers. The mysticism surrounding the stone was believed to come directly from mermaids, protecting the sailors from danger, evil, seasickness and other medical ailments. Ancient Romans believed that the stone could cure medical ailments as well, and healers in the Middle Ages believed that the stone warded off anxiety and toxins from poison.

Our Co-Founder Rocks

Our Co-Founder Rocks

Our fierce, fiery co-founder is a force to be reckoned with. Pratiksha Vaidya, aka “Tisha,” launched our fine jewelry line with the goal of offering high-quality, beautifully trendy pieces within reach. Growing up as a fourth-generation fine jeweler, Tisha spent her childhood shuffling Ceylon sapphires and learning the ins and outs of jewelry fashion. She took this love of color and design along when she moved up north to spend her college years in New York City and beyond.

After graduating with her Master’s at The Wharton School and working in finance, she often found there was a fine balance between looking elegant but also classy and professional. She sought to create a jewelry collection designed for women who mean business, embody the spirit of fun and fashion, and lower their expectations for no one. We sat down to learn a bit more about the woman behind the jewelry line.

tisha designing jewelry

You launched Pratiksha Jewelry after becoming personally frustrated with your other jewelry falling apart. Do you have any stories about jewelry failing you right before an important moment?

"I used to wear big costume necklaces that were full of color and personality, anything to help balance out the wardrobe of black, navy and gray that I wore while working at a conservative firm. I was pitching a major deal to our Investment Committee, and my necklace suddenly broke and fell onto the table! It clattered and crashed, totally throwing me off my game… so embarrassing! This was one of several incidences that forced me to explore jewelry alternatives, where I wanted to combine my love of color and design with quality craftsmanship that functions in the working world."

What did you hope to change about the fine jewelry business?

"I wanted to change the notion that jewelry has to be gifted and be purchased for you. There’s a rising force in the industry - working women. Empowered women.  We are comfortable being the primary breadwinners of the house, taking on Corporate America, and buying ourselves beautiful accessories like handbags and shoes that are long-term investments for our wardrobe. But for some reason, we have an obstacle when it comes to buying ourselves fine jewelry despite earning that right. I wanted to take back ownership of that purchase."

What was it like growing up around the jewelry business?

"Sparkly! I learned early on to appreciate quality first. I also learned very valuable lessons around work ethic, the value of creating your own destiny, and creativity around precious materials."

amethyst halo ring on hands with henna

What do you love most about designing bridal jewelry with your clients?

"I love hearing about the couple and incorporating personal details of their relationship into the design of the rings. As a small business, we cherish each of our clients and appreciate their support. I feel like I’m invited into their 'inner circle' when I’m asked to design such a special ring for their life milestone."

What do you love most about designing with color stones?

"I love color! My personality is far from muted, so why should my jewelry be any different? I love diamond staples, but I really love the ability to turn precious and semi-precious color stone pieces into “every day” accents. Particularly, I love the color stone trend for engagement rings. Check out some of my favorite PJ Custom bridal ideas below."

black diamond ring and emerald ring

What’s it like co-founding a company with your brother?

"Like any partnership, it takes a lot of work! But there’s no one in the world I trust more. We are polar opposites in terms of our working style, but are identical in our long-term goals and milestones for the company."

What is something you think about anytime you lay out the groundwork for a Pratiksha design?

"My philosophy is that jewelry should be worn and appreciated every day, not adored from afar. Every piece we design is with a living, breathing woman in mind. Where does she work? Dine? Work out? Hang with friends? Go on dates? The balance of beauty with practicality of wear is something we heavily incorporate into the design of every Pratiksha piece."

Your "Soul" Stone


Any time I meet up with one of my long-time friends, Emily, I can always count on her wearing her moonstone pendant. Emily’s carefree, spirited personality is perfectly encapsulated in this quirky and colorful gemstone, and I remember how it shimmers when we laugh together, make her signature s’mores dip, and run after our kids. Now every time I see a moonstone I think of her, and it brings a flood of our memories back.

moonstone ring and moonstone pendant

Making a connection with a gemstone is meaningful to not only you, but the people who see you wear it. Do you have a gemstone that really resonates with your personal style? Whether it’s a birthstone, a stone from a family treasure, or your “soul stone,” there is fascinating significance and cultural values behind each gemstone. Many of them have thousands of years of history (i.e. ruby, emerald, and sapphire), but some have only been recently unearthed (i.e. tanzanite in 1967). If you do some soul searching of your own, you’ll be surprised to find what kinds of naturally occurring colors appear in the gemstone world, and which ones mean a little bit more to you than just surface beauty.

Take a dip into history

Many gemstones have an ancient past with symbolism stemming from Eastern cultures. The aquamarine, for example, was commonly known as the “sailor’s gem” to ancient Greeks and Romans, who believed the stone ensured safe and prosperous voyages across the sea. If you’re curious about interesting stone facts and their historical value, take a look at any of the stones that pique your interest on PJ Custom. The product page has a tab that features cool and unusual facts about each stone used in fine jewelry, as well as buying tips to help you get the most bang for your buck.

how to learn more about gemstone

Explore your birthstone collection

If you love your month’s birthstone, awesome! These collections of jewelry by month can help inspire a new look for you. But you may be surprised to find that many months feature an “alternative” birthstone, such as June, October and December (which has 3!). Additionally, many birthstones such as Garnet (January), Sapphire (September) and Tourmaline (October) feature a rainbow of color options that beg to be considered. You can find all the alternative birthstone options in our gemstone inventory when you click the “Birthstone” tab.

Do you have a special anniversary in your life?

Most people liken anniversaries to weddings, but that’s an old philosophy. Celebrating the annual turn of anything of great significance in your life is worthy of commemorating in a fine jewelry piece. For example, one of our clients just celebrated her tenth year of sobriety. We suggested a sapphire, traditionally honored as the tenth anniversary stone, and created a pendant she could wear daily. Her strength, resilience and perseverance through her challenges were encapsulated in a fine jewelry piece to remind herself of her inner strength and worth.

loose sapphires and ring

The world of gemstones and their cultural significance are continually evolving. Take a look at our Gemstone Gallery to discover a jewel that speaks to you.

The Advanced Diamond Buying Guide

The Advanced Diamond Buying Guide

It seems that snow flurries, twinkly lights, and the holidays give couples the warm-and-fuzziesthe holiday season is the most popular time of year for couples to propose tying the knot. Because of this, the fall has become engagement season for jewelers, who help clients pop the question with breathtaking bling. 

But not all jewels (and jewelers) are created equal. With such an investment, it's of utmost importance to understand what you're getting and what factors are most important to consider. 

If you're considering buying a diamond for your partner, you likely already know about the 4 C's: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight. But how can we use this information to make the best purchase? We've outlined six of our best tips for choosing your diamond that you won't find in Diamonds 101.


gia and ags logos

1. Not all certificates are created equal.

GIA is considered the highest standard for grading,whereas other laboratories like EGL USA, IDI, and AGS are more generous with their grading policies. For this reason, we recommend reducing the grading of non-GIA certified stones by one grade when comparing them with GIA certified stones. Ultimately, it is important to remember that diamond grading is subjective and not mathematically defined. So if one lab consistently calls one color grade "H" while another lab calls the same color grade "G", it’s perfectly reasonable as long as they do so consistently.


diamond and tools

2. A certificate is only as good as the lab’s reputation.

Every lab has its quirks: one may be looser in color, or clarity, or perhaps more forgiving of certain inclusions. What makes the lab’s certificate authoritative is consistency in these grading practices. It is for these reasons that we recommend staying far away from stones with certain low-reputation lab certificates, including those from the now defunct EGL-International.



3. Compare your stone with the certificate.

Diamond certificates include a top and bottom diagram illustrating the stone’s unique arrangement of inclusions. Using these diagrams, inspect your stone with a loupe to verify that the certificate provided matches the stone being offered. Some inclusions may be difficult to find even with a loupe; ask your gemologist to help you find them!

4. Don’t skimp on the cut grade.

The quality of a diamond’s cut directly affects its brilliance and is one of the most important factors when evaluating your stone. At the very best, a round "ideal" cut diamond will show high fire, brightness, and perfect symmetry—resulting in a hearts and arrows effect. Be aware that grades offered above this GIA recognized grade are created by the diamond seller to inflate the value of their stones. There is no difference between an "ideal" stone and a "super ideal", "signature ideal", or similarly described stone.


diamond colors

5. Don’t buy more than you need.

You go into the car dealership looking for a modest sedan and come out with a fast-and-sporty, full-loaded coupe with all the bells and whistles—many that you won’t ever use. The same can happen with a diamond, too. While many would adore having a colorless, flawless diamond, the price difference between it and a pretty-much-completely-perfect diamond can be astronomical. Further, it can be very difficult for even the trained eye to tell the difference! For many people, diamonds in the range of F-H in color and SI1-SI2 in clarity hit the sweet spot for appearance and price. Take advantage of the nuanced spectrum of colors, clarities, and grading criteria to pick a stone that is ideal for you and your budget.



diamonds weighing around one carat

6. Size is (almost) everything.

Diamond prices jump at half carat and full carat marks, so aim for a stone that is slightly below that size for the same look without the same price tag. For example, 0.95ct looks identical to 1.00ct but is much more attractively priced.


Meet Moira, the sophisticated Hollywood bombshell

Meet Moira, the sophisticated Hollywood bombshell

Moira loves all things luxury and glamour. She lives by the words of fashion maven Coco Chanel, seeking out the finest quality classic silhouettes and jewelry with Hollywood flair. Not to be outdone, Moira sees her jewelry and fashion choices as a reflection of her status. You're likely to find her socializing in the most exclusive, upscale venues.

From: Los Angeles, California

Style Icon: Sophia Loren, Christy Turlington, Salma Hayek

Fashion Mantra: “Keep your heels, head, and standards high.” (Coco Chanel)

Wardrobe Staple: A well-tailored pencil skirt and designer heels.

Favorite Evening Wear: A drapey, curve-hugging floor-length number with glamorous jewelry... I want all eyes on me.

On the Weekend, You’ll Probably Find Her… having a martini at my favorite spot and making an appearance at a black tie charity event.


Jewelry Style Breakdown

Moira's favorite looks take inspiration from classic jewelry silhouettes and updates them with sophisticated glamour. 

Size: Her pieces flaunt large stones and elaborate settings that speak to old world luxury and royalty.
Stones: Diamonds truly are her best friend, as well as the traditional precious stones: emerald, ruby, and sapphire.
Color: A sophisticated, conservative palette, Moira's pieces usually splash color using precious stones.

    These glamorous pieces elevate everyday styles and make quite the statement when worn with lavish evening wear. A sleek office look is instantly polished and luxurious with the addition of a Moira ring, pendant, or pair of earringsbut be careful not to go overboard. Her pieces look best when not crowded with other jewelry, so pick your favorite (or for evenings, a few), and let them speak for themselves. For the full effect, style them with uncluttered wardrobe pieces: clean, elegant lines and solid colors work best.

    Shop the Moira Collection by Pratiksha Jewelry»


    Are you and Moira fashion twins? Let us know in the comments!

    Meet Eva, the head-turning fashion trendsetter

    Meet Eva, the head-turning fashion trendsetter

    Bold, daring, and edgy, Eva might seem quirky to some. She seeks out unique, flamboyant looks and is set on being a trendsetting fashionista. Blue lipstick? Neon yellow heels? This girl can pull off anything. 

    From: New York, New York

    Style Icon: Solange Knowles, Peggy Moffit, January Jones

    Fashion Mantra: “I see bold accessories as a woman’s armor.” (Rachel Zoe)

    Wardrobe Staple: Currently, my bright red culottes and studded ankle boots. But who knows what I'll fall in love with next week!

    My Favorite Evening Wear: Something geometric and edgy with bold colors and patterns. I love taking risks!

    On the Weekend, You’ll Probably Find Her… trying that new Vietnamese restaurant down the street then dancing downtown.


    Jewelry Style Breakdown

    This collection of trendsetting colors and silhouettes isn't for the faint of heart.

    Color: Bold colors and unconventional color pairings are eye-catching, daring, and fresh.

    Visual Weight: Eva likes high volume shapes and forms, from statement necklaces and earrings to chunky cocktails.

    Risk-taking: She's not afraid to layer large pieces and play with mixes of color: it's all about experimentation.


    How to wear Eva's pieces is up to you: while each piece is strong enough to be worn alone, we think part of the fun is layering pieces and experimenting with pops of color from stones like kyanite, red agate, orange sapphire, and tourmaline. Work it with pattern on pattern, bright color blocking, and strong silhouettes: don't make edgy jewelry feel boring with muted colors or sheepish lines. Yes, you can wear that bold jumpsuit with statement heels, and yes, you can still pair it with some knockout rings or chunky statement earrings. It's all about confidence. 

    If you love the look but are feeling a bit unsure on how to wear it, start with a baseyour bright-colored culottes, patterned cigarette pants, crop top, or flouncy skirtand add contrasting colors, patterns, or textures one by one. Your jewelry can pop a color from your outfit, like the bright pink detailing in your blouse, or it can incorporate a color on its own, like a bright red ring with a royal blue and golden yellow outfit. 

    Shop the Eva Collection by Pratiksha Jewelry»

    Is Eva your personal style icon? Let us know in the comments!


    Meet Dakota, the laidback, charming girl next door

    Meet Dakota, the laidback, charming girl next door

    It's all about being comfortable and cute for the Dakota girl. Simple, natural makeup and laid-back fashion often garners her the affectionate "girl next door" nickname. It's hard not to love her: she's sweet, approachable, and effortlessly radiant.

    From: Columbus, Ohio

    Style Icon: Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Elisha Cuthbert

    Fashion Mantra: “A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes.” (Vera Wang)

    Wardrobe Staple: Denim and a slouchy blouse

    Favorite Evening Wear: A short and sweet little black dress.

    On the Weekend, You’ll Probably Find Her… hanging out with her best friend binge watching Netflix!


    Jewelry Style Breakdown

    Every girl loves jewelry, and Dakota's adds understated polish to everyday denim and evening dresses alike. 

    Minimalism: Dainty forms add just the right amount of sparkle to casual styles without overwhelming them. 
    Versatility: Dakota wants a piece she can wear every day that mixes and matches beautifully with her wardrobe.
    Color: Cheerful stones like citrine blue topaz, and lemon quartz add color without being overly bold.

      Dakota's look is the easiest to mix and match with any outfit. Her pieces are the kind you love to wear that seem to match with anything in your wardrobe. Pair together matching sets of color stones, like smoky quartz, lemon quartz, or citrine, or add chic sparkle with coordinating diamond pieces. If you're feeling experimental, layer together a couple small pendants at varying lengths or a couple thin band rings—both looks that are on-trend and easy to pull off.

      Shop the Dakota Collection by Pratiksha Jewelry»

      Are you and Dakota fashion soulmates? Let us know in the comments!


      Meet Annabeth, the soft and bubbly forever romantic

      Meet Annabeth, the soft and bubbly forever romantic

      This charming belle is a forever romantic. Annabeth adores flirty lace, florals, ruffles, and pastels, and often wears her hair in gentle, flattering waves. Just like her look, Annabeth is soft, feminine, and magnetic in her appeal. She's the type of girl you're drawn to not by her showy statement wear, but by her infectious laugh and bubbly attitude.

      From: Charleston, South Carolina

      Style Icon: Taylor Swift, Marion Cotillard, Grace Kelly

      Fashion Mantra: "Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink." (Lilly Pulitzer)

      Wardrobe Staple: Chiffon circle skirt dress or a lace peplum top

      Favorite Evening Wear: A pastel lace-top dress with a ruffly high-low hem

      On the Weekend, You’ll Probably Find Her… going for a cruise to enjoy the weather, window shopping, and reading a book by a window at her favorite café.


      Jewelry Style Breakdown

       For the girly girl wardrobe, softly colored stones and gentle forms are the perfect complement.

      Color: Soft pastels and splashes of cheerful hues echo the feminine vibes of flowy skirts and lace.

      Movement: Fluid movement like that of drops and chandelier earrings or filigree scroll work is charming and graceful. 

      Charm: Freely dangling gemstones, ribbon bows, and flower motifs all speak to Annabeth's sense of playfulness.


      Styling Annabeth's jewelry is a breeze: easily coordinate blushy toned pieces with springy hues like rose, ivory, taupe, mint, and powdery blues or greys. For winter looks and more formal occasions, pair them with more structured silhouettes in neutrals like black or white. Transform an evening date outfit with instant dreamy vibes from long drape or dangle earrings, or opt for a flirty cocktail ring. Multi-colored pieces are versatile for matching with outfits and can create an interesting focal point with solid color dresses and neutrals. On the other hand, it is best to wear single-color or conservatively-colored pieces when wearing busy or colorful floral prints; coordinate with, say, the pink- and salmon-toned flowers of a circle skirt or the mint-toned motifs in a delicate chiffon blouse.

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      Meet Carlisle, the ultimate Lady Boss

      Meet Carlisle, the ultimate Lady Boss

      Carlisle is a career girl, and the only thing that sparkles more than the pieces of the glass ceiling she shattered is her stunning jewelry. After a long week of dazzling clients with her brilliance and charm, she's ready to kick back downtown and have fun with her friends and colleagues—and her jewelry is, too. She's poised and put together with a look that effortlessly transitions from day to night—just right for her busy lifestyle. 

      From: Hartford, Connecticut

      Style Icon: Kate Middleton, Elizabeth Taylor, Coco Chanel

      Fashion Mantra: “Buy less, choose well.” (Vivian Westwood)

      On the Weekend, You’ll Probably Find Me… going into Manhattan to see a play or playing a round of golf.

       Wardrobe Staple: A chic, well-fitted sheath dress.

      My Favorite Evening Wear: A wrap dress and my favorite south sea pearl earrings.


      Jewelry Style Breakdown

      Carlisle's style is the perfect balance to look polished in the boardroom while still turning heads when she lets her hair down after hours.

      Simplicity: Carlisle's look hinges on the combination of classic styles and colors for uncluttered silhouettes.

      Polish: Featuring diamonds, pearls, and conservative colors like those of sapphire, morganite and white gold, her pieces are meant to elevate her look without overwhelming it.

      Versatility: Carlisle appreciates pieces she can turn to again and again to wear with outfits for a variety of venues and occasions.


      A mix of classic sophistication and youthful flair, Carlisle appreciates clean, simple lines and classic wardrobe staples. She's the type of woman with good taste that isn't pushed and pulled by the season's newest trends. Her pieces look their best with an uncluttered ensemble, adding an understated luxury to day and evening wear alike. Pair matching sets: a pair of pearl studs and a necklace, a cushion morganite pendant and ring, for example; or choose a diamond piece and splash color with a coordinating aquamarine or sapphire piece. Our best advice? The famous words of Coco Chanel: "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory."

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