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The Lounge
Sip & Sparkle – Our Showroom Event with Source Craft Cocktails

Sip & Sparkle – Our Showroom Event with Source Craft Cocktails

It was a night of toasts, tastes, talk and tinkling of diamonds, gemstones and pearls. Recently, we invited Source Craft Cocktails of Dallas over to host an intimate crowd of ladies in our brand-new jewelry showroom. The company brought our space to life with elegant handmade cocktails that they cleverly named after strong women who win national prizes, conquer politics, and dominate showbiz.

tisha and attendees at sip and sparkle cocktail and jewelry party

The Cocktail Rundown

Paloma Ferguson

Featuring Desert Door Sotol, this take on the Paloma has fresh squeezed lime, homemade grapefruit shrub, shaken and topped with Topo Chico. Strong as Texas’ first female governor.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

A notorious French 75 variation with fresh lemon, cold pressed grapefruit juice, Hendrick’s Gin shaken and topped with a great summer rose.

Curious Curie

Glenlivet Founders Reserve, a homemade strawberry syrup, fresh squeezed lime juice, Lillet Rose shaken and served up. Worthy of at least one Nobel Prize.

Oprah Winefrey

Homemade raspberry syrup, fresh mint, and sparkling wine. EVERYONE gets a spritz!

Frances Willard Style

Head of the Women’s Temperance Movement, and the name of a special MOCKTAIL.

yellow sapphire cocktail ring and rum cocktail

The cocktails were enormously popular among our guests and provided a most Instagram-worthy, colorful backdrop. Source Craft specializes in close-knit gatherings where they bring EVERYTHING, including glasses, fresh squeezed juices, hand-made syrups, and talented bartenders. Not only do they work their magic to make memories and ensure that no guest leaves thirsty, but they also host educational classes for small groups. We’re thrilled to have a partner in the Dallas area that compliments fine jewelry to a tee.

Our guests? We invited some of our closest pals to sample the goods, all of whom are ladies that move and shake within the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our new collections were at the forefront.

women shopping for jewelry and trying on necklace

The Jewelry Drop

Daily Candy

A collection of semi-precious jewelry set with amethyst, topaz, garnet, citrine, and other colorful gems in stackable rings, layerable necklaces and playful earring designs.

(Not-Your-Mother’s) Pearls

New ideas brought to the table on classic pearl twists, with new rings that feature gradient colored gemstones with a pearl center, baroque pearl drop earrings, and delicate pearl necklaces.

Every Day Diamonds

Every day with diamonds starts a little brighter. You don't need special occasions to pile on the diamond stackable rings, staggered necklaces or classic diamond staples such as tennis bracelets and studs.


Because we like options, the rainbow collections features all our favorite colors combined into beautiful hot stones. They compliment your daily diamonds to perfection.

women shopping for jewelry and modeling necklace

We could not be more grateful to know these brilliant and talented women and that they came out for our official showroom debut. An extra special thanks goes out to Source Craft Cocktails for blowing us away with their classy crafts and bringing together a very special night for our team.

Want to be a part of our next gathering? Follow us on Instagram for new event announcements, collection and product drops, and highlights from our new space!

Our Valentine's Launch Party: A Quick Roundup

Our Valentine's Launch Party: A Quick Roundup

We had quite the night on Thursday at our official launch party! We had over a hundred guests show up to see our pieces at our little shindig in the Fearing’s Restaurant at the Ritz-Carlton Dallas. A big thanks to everyone who came out and supported us. It’s the people like you that have made it possible to get where we are today.

Everyone that attended got a chance to peruse our jewelry collection throughout the room, including our exclusive Luxe Collection. (We definitely loved the looks of awe from the ladies trying some of those on!) New to our top-tier collection included a natural pink diamond piece, the Cointreau Blush Cocktail Ring, and a stunning 7.62 carat sapphire piece, the Blue Bird Cocktail Ring

cocktail rings at pratiksha valentines launch partyOur biggest hits in rings included a few cuties from our minimalist collection: the Dakota Pear Stackables, the Madison Tripartite Ring, and our long-time crowd favorite, the Madison On Tilt Ring. We were also happy to have good reception of our new release, the Madison Architecture Ring (a match to our Madison Architecture Suspension Necklace, another crowd favorite).

earrings at pratiksha jewelry launch partyOver at earrings, ladies loved diamond stud designseverything from the Carlisle Brown & White Diamond Earrings to the stately Moira Cushion Halo Studs. Also popular were our one-of-a-kind Eva Honeysuckle Earrings.

gemstone earring studs at pratiksha jewelry launch partyOur Eva and Madison Flex Bangles received lots of attention—but it was our illusion diamond tennis bracelets that stole the show. Guests loved the big look of the Annabeth Glitter & Gold Bracelet for its carat weight (and its rather small price tag).

selling jewelry at pratiksha launch partyAnd of course, our Diamonds by the Yard styles topped many of our guests’ lists. We also received many intrigued looks at our tourmalated quartz pieces, namely in our Madison Architecture Suspension Necklace and Madison Freeform Pendant.

pendants at pratiksha jewelry launch partyIn addition to round after round of tasty hors d’oeuvres, we also had a special drink list based on our Cocktail Bar rings. We hope you enjoyed sipping on a kir royale or dry martini while checking out its ringspiration!


cocktail rings at launch partyFor dessert, we had adorable custom shortbread cookies made for us by our friends at Le Gourmet Valet. A big thanks to Becky for the treats. They disappeared quickly, so we hope you got one!


cookies and treats at launch partyOver at our welcome table we had plenty of freebies to take, including our miniature lookbook and copies of our article in this month’s issue of FD Luxe. We also sent everyone off with a little gift just for attending.


necklace in a glass container at launch partyCheck out our photos from the event below!