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The Push Gift: What is it?

The Push Gift: What is it?

You may have heard of the push present from other pregnant women, mothers, or delighted (or overwhelmed) fathers-to-be. The idea is to celebrate mom’s hard work bringing the baby into the world with a special gift, sometimes even given right in the delivery room, be it with a designer diaper bag, a diamond tennis bracelet, or vacay to Cali.

But where, exactly, did the idea come from? Well, it isn’t new. Gift-giving to new moms is a long standing tradition in India, where partners give gold jewelry as a blessing for long life. Mothers in China also receive money and other gifts during their “moon month”, a one-month period of rest and pampering after birthing. For new mothers in England, the tradition is a diamond ring. In fact, the practice was a part of American culture as well, but has only recently been revived in the last decade.

While many partners now give flowers, trips, or nursery items, jewelry is the typical gift. Much like an engagement ring, diamonds and jewelry are timeless expressions of love and appreciation to celebrate the life-changing event. These gifts are also often given as an heirloom to the child later in life.

While these gifts are becoming meaningful family traditions for some, others aren’t so convinced. Whether or not the gift is an appropriate gesture is up to her. Having a discussion long before the baby’s arrival avoids confusion or disappointment—mothers-to-be shouldn’t assume their partner will know what to do. Rather than a personal gift, they may decide to invest in a trust fund for the new child’s education, or to avoid any big purchase altogether. In any case, parents shouldn’t forget that the most important gift they can give is their love and support.


4 Ideas for Push Gifts


Diamond Stud Earrings

A piece that she can wear everyday as a constant reminder of her precious child.

Shown: Carlisle Round Diamond Studs, from $350

diamond stud earrings


Whether a pendant, ring, or pair of earrings, pieces set with the child's birthstone become a sentimental heirloom.

Shown from left to right: Aria Time & Tide Ring in Amethyst & Sapphire, $750; Carlisle Floating Color Stone & Diamond Pendant in Emerald, $700; Carlisle Ruby & Diamond Halo Studs, $700; Annabeth Garden Blossoms Cushion Pendant with Filigree in Citrine, $250.

birthstone ring and pendant jewelry


Keep with the English tradition by giving her a ring. You could even give her stacking rings, one for each new addition to the family.

Shown: Carlisle Single Row Stackable Rings, from $300 each; Carlisle Little Somethings Three Stone Ring in Ruby, $900.

stacking rings push gift

Diamond Pendant

A diamond is a perfect symbol of love and endurance. Give her one set with nine stones to symbolize each month of pregnancy.

Shown: Dakota Diamond Solitaire Slide Pendant in 1/3 carat, $825; Carlisle Diamond Cluster Solitaire Pendant, $900; Dakota Illusion Round Diamond Pendant, $470; Dakota Illusion Diamond Pendant with Halo, $720

illusion diamond pendants

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