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Graduation - A Note From Our Founder

Graduation - A Note From Our Founder

As students all over graduate this month, I took this time to reflect on my journey thus far in life. This past weekend would’ve been (thanks COVID) the 5-year reunion of my masters program - without a question the best two years of my 30-something existence. Lifelong friendships, treasured memories, and most importantly - I was on the precipice of my next big step. I was about to launch this company. It’s hard to believe that 5 years has already flown by. I really got to thinking about how I got here. How I got to be so damn lucky to be living my dream every single day. Is it stressful? Absolutely. Some days do I want to quit? Without a doubt. But at the end of the day, I am living my truth, helping women celebrating women and their big (and small) moments in life.

They’re saying this is the next recession since the Great Recession, aka 2009. This was the year I graduated from college (see my cute frizzy-hair picture for reference - thanks Atlanta humidity!). In fact, I think my graduation week marked the “official” bottom of the market. It was absolutely terrifying. I lost three jobs before I even started because each company went bankrupt. I spent 4 years studying an industry that was ultimately responsible for the collapse (real estate) and I literally had nowhere to turn. I had to get creative - and fast. I took on opportunities that weren't part of the "playbook" that we so diligently stuck to during school, and instead tried anything that I thought might keep me interested and occupied, hoping that I'd eventually figure out the rest.

11 years later, I am beyond grateful for all those missteps along the way because it led me to this company and this dream. Maybe I would’ve be a lawyer, or an investment banker (or if my parents had it their way, a doctor/engineer), or any other number of career pursuits I was contemplating at the time. But I thank the universe every single day for making me live through one of the worst years of my life. I had to learn quickly that I couldn’t blame anything or anyone for my shortcomings because there was still so much I had control over to get me to my goal. I was able to refocus myself on what I had to offer the world, what was important to me, and what I had in my power to get there. What it ultimately taught me is that the path to success is anything but linear, and that trust, hard work, and blind optimism are essential.

To all the 2020 graduates, whether you’re graduating from high school, college, a masters program, law school, med school, nursing school, or anything else. You’re at the precipice of something amazing. Just remember to keep going; the path forward may not look like what you originally planned, but you'll get there in your own way. Congratulations on all your hard work <3 <3
Tisha Vaidya, Contributor
I'm a sucker for hot sauce, dimples, and fat babies. Oh, and I have a massive sock collection, even though I don't like wearing socks.
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