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Beyond Bridal, pt. III: Gifts for Your Bridesmaids

Beyond Bridal, pt. III: Gifts for Your Bridesmaids

They’re the unsung heroes of your big day:  they helped you pick your gown, DIY’d your wedding décor and planned all those endless little details. Give back with gifts to your bridesmaids to show how much you appreciate their support.

Personalized Gifts

While everyone appreciates a personalized gift, we all know what happens to that hot pink “John + Maggie Bridesmaid Squad” t-shirt.

Consider a more subtle personalization that acts as a reminder of the big day without screaming “souvenir”:


matching bridesmaids pendants with oval tanzanites

Matching jewelry sets

Give each bridesmaid a matching pendant or bracelet charm that coordinates with your wedding colors—they can even wear them for the ceremony.


Monogrammed jewelry

A monogrammed pendant is cute, personal, and pretty much foolproof.


Custom engraving

A cute stackable band with the wedding date, her initials, or even the coordinates of the ceremony’s location is a memento she can wear every day. You could even consider giving a pendant or ring with a personal short & sweet message to each bridesmaid engraved on the back or inside.


Custom designs

Create a custom-made jewelry set that represents your bridal squad. Get inspired by your wedding décor: create a design inspired by your floral arrangements, colors, fonts, and other motifs. You could even create a design representing your destination wedding, such as a conch shell for a tropical wedding or a cute branch bar necklace for a woodsy locale.


Alex Billig, Contributor
I am a web developer, musician, and entrepreneur. I was raised in the Hudson Valley. I'm currently living in the Catskills.
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