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Four Ways to Remake your Wedding Ring

Four Ways to Remake your Wedding Ring

A wedding ring is a special, special gift, valued much more for its sentiment than its weight in gold and diamond. When they first presented that box, perhaps years and years ago now, nothing else could make you happier.

Time has deepened and strengthened that relationship—you’ve built a family, a home, and goals for a future to come. And looking back on that ring, the piece that started this current journey, there is a sentiment to build it up, too.

Recreating an engagement ring can be a romantic experience not unlike that first pivotal moment. As a milestone anniversary gift, this renewal allows the couple to express where they are now—so far beyond the college years and fledgling careers from which the first ring was born. For many, that means a sort of “upgrade”: a celebration of growing love and prosperity together.

We love the idea for the express purpose that the love behind the initial proposal doesn’t stagnate, but grows and changes with age. (And not just for her ring, either, but for both partners’ rings and bands.)

We take great pride in creating customized engagement and wedding sets for our clients down to every last detail. As you consider your own ring (or your partner’s) for a new look, know that there are plenty of options besides buying a new off-the-shelf ring.

new setting for a wedding ring

1. Reset the stone in a new setting

Perhaps your most sentimental attachment is to the diamond or center stone. You may find that after several years, your mounting has become dated or less in line with your current taste. This happens to many people. Simply updating the mounting for your center stone can make all the difference. We can take your current ring’s stones and custom make another ring for them to sit in. You could even take the current ring and recreate it in another metal or with additional embellishments such as side stones, halos, or decorative shanks.

2. Set a new stone in your setting

A common renewal for many engagement rings is an upgraded center stone: for young newlyweds, the ideal diamond may be financially out of reach. In these cases, a larger, brighter, cleaner stone can be set in the existing ring. You may even decide on a fancy color diamond or color stone. Choose from one of our 7,000 in-house stones or let us help you find just the right stone from anywhere in the world.

engagement ring with twisting shank inside bow

3. Recreate the ring entirely

A complete, custom refresh of the ring allows for a wider range of creativity and opportunities. Perhaps you had little input on the original ring, were constrained with a small budget, or have simply outgrown the ring’s look—this new creation can be a romantic joint effort that you may have missed out on with the initial ring. We can take any sketches, mood boards, or color schemes and help you turn them into a final piece you’ll be proud of.

4. Create a matching set

It’s not just her ring that could get an update: consider recreating matching wedding bands as well. It’ll feel all the more romantic for both partners to give each other a new ring. We can take both partners’ size, fit, and style preferences into account to create a matching set with individual character.


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I am a web developer, musician, and entrepreneur. I was raised in the Hudson Valley. I'm currently living in the Catskills.
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