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Forgotten Details - How To Design The Side Profile Of Your Engagement Ring

Forgotten Details - How To Design The Side Profile Of Your Engagement Ring

We love getting the chance to work with couples who co-design the bride’s engagement ring. Often, first-time ring shoppers have discussed a general style, shape or budget amongst each other, but the side and underside details of the ring are often overlooked. The side profile of a ring is an especially important ring area for the wearer of the ring, because she will have a daily close-up view of these thoughtful details. It's a somewhat private space on the ring where many couples choose to include personal touches that are meaningful to them.

Ideas for bridal ring sides have included birthstones, engraved initials, and incorporating filigree details that resemble archways and architecture of the couple's favorite location. A little attention and sparkle goes a long way with decorating the sides of a custom engagement ring, and we’ve broken down some of our favorite options to consider when designing your piece.

double edge halo on a diamond engagement ring side view

Double Edge Halo

A halo that faces the front of the ring helps add surface area and size to the center stone. But a double edge halo adds diamonds around the rim of the halo, creating a spectacular presence for the side view of the ring.

hidden diamond halo on engagement ring side view

Hidden Halo

These halos show peekaboo diamonds through the underside of the center stone. While they may not show on the front profile, they add classy side sparkle and lift extra light into the center stone through the bottom.

peekaboo diamond details on underside gallery of engagement ring side view

Peekaboo Diamonds

Little stones that peek through the underside of the crown of the ring are a welcome detail for the bride. We recommend stones along the gallery with cathedral settings that prop up the center of the ring.

gold filigree details on engagement ring shank and side view


Filigree looks like curling, scrolling, detailed metal work along the path of the ring. Filigree details add a very romantic touch and are a gorgeous addition to the gallery or shank. We recommend this look on antique styles, three stone rings and halo pieces that have plenty of surface area underneath the head of the ring.

two tone rose and white gold details on side view of custom engagement ring

Two-Tone Metal

Surprise! A burst of yellow or rose gold within the basket or shank add a delightful and unexpected pop to the side detail of the ring. This method is achieved by melting the secondary color of metal on top of the setting after casting.

milgrain and engraved gold details on custom diamond engagement ring

Milgrain and Engraving

Fine metal work adds a complex look that compliments romantic and vintage jewelry styles. Milgrain, defined as tiny beads of metal that line the setting and stones, add extra sparkle to the setting and call out special details within the ring. Engraving (or etching) covers a lot of ground when rings are concerned. Defined as a method of shaping the metal with ripples, leaves or designs, engraving can also include personalizing the piece with writing, such as your names, anniversary date or other special details. Engraving is most commonly done by hand.

Want to learn about more custom engagement ring options? Head over to our Custom Inspiration Gallery and play with the Engagement, Bridal and Wedding style filters to see a gallery of ideas and options!

Megan Davis, Contributor
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