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Friday Funday: The Aviation Cocktail

Friday Funday: The Aviation Cocktail

Ah, the aviation cocktail. A curiously lavender-hued mixed drink and the inspiration for one of my newest favorite Cocktail Bar rings. But what is it, exactly? Asking for it at your local bar will likely draw quizzical expressions. Even a finer, upscale restaurant may not be able to create one for you. (As was the case for me, sadly, at my last special outing to del Frisco’s).

The cocktail gets its signature color from the use of an unusually rare liqueur called crème de violette, a sweet French violet flower spirit that was all but impossible to find in the U.S. until about 2007.

If you like sweet, light, and floral-flavored cocktails (like many gin drinkers), you’ll probably enjoy this sweet-and-sour gin-based treat.

Starting out with a silky smooth gin, add maraschino liqueur (yes, like the cherries), crème de violette (or its cousin, crème de yvette), lemon juice, and ice to your cocktail shaker and shake to perfection. Strain it into your cute little coupe glass and garnish with a cherry. Seriously, those glasses are too cute.

Plus, the recipe comes straight from the Prohibition Era, so you can feel very swank while you drink it and imagine yourself sitting in a hopping underground speakeasy. (We sure do!)

The recipe can be found on

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