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7 places your jewelry should never go

7 places your jewelry should never go

Between a busy career, a family, friendship time and your dust-collecting gym membership, properly caring for your jewelry often takes a backseat. With fine metals and gemstones, proper care is vital to making your jewelry last a lifetime (and look its absolute best doing so). But sometimes, simple changes in where you wear your jewelry can make all the difference, too.

Besides the risky ultrasonic cleaner, which can shatter stones like tanzanite and loosen stones from their settings, here are the seven worst places you can take your jewelry.


1. The gym

Rough activities like lifting weights and sports can spell disaster for jewelry. Even a diamond can chip or break under the right force—something you’d probably not want to learn on your own. For this reason, it’s best to leave the jewelry home before heading to the gym.


2. The pool

Chlorine is a serious problem for gold jewelry: it quickly erodes rhodium plating, which helps keep your white gold jewelry shiny and white, and slowly disintegrates gold, leading to broken prongs and lost stones.



3. To bed

It’s easy to forget you’re wearing an everyday staple, say a pair of diamond studs or your engagement ring, and sleep with it. But smashing an earring stud between your head and your pillow every night can lead to bent posts, loosened stones, or worse: an unhappy surprise in the morning as you tear off the sheets in search of the piece you lost in the night.


4. The shower

Like sleeping with your jewelry, it’s just as easy to hop in the shower with them on without a second thought. But exposing your jewelry to body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and all your other bathing products leaves a film on stones that seriously dulls their shine. Plus, there’s always the risk of losing your pieces down the drain.


5. The cleaning closet

Household cleaners can seriously damage your fine pieces—substances like bleach can pit and even disintegrate gold. Additionally, all that rough work makes it very easy to scratch, chip, and loosen stones. So if you’re needing to tidy up the bathroom or kitchen, it’s best to leave the rings aside first (or at least wear gloves).


6. The bottom of your purse

Ah, your purse: the black hole of car keys and the destroyer of items you thought indestructible (and your poor tampons). Just think of what it could do to a ring or necklace chain! To prevent scratches, chips, and Christmas-light-level tangles, always store your jewelry in a pouch or travel roll before popping it in your bag.


7. Piled in a drawer

Take care to store items separately in a lined jewelry box out of the sun: diamonds can scratch other gemstones and even other diamonds. Store earrings so that they do not touch each other—our divided storage bags are perfect for this—and keep diamond tennis bracelets stored flat.


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    Jewelries are precious things . We should take care of them . good blog on Jewelries .

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